Tiny embroideries

Turns out the blog problem was solved on the app side after I spent all that time poking server settings. Augh!

Tiny pink rose embroidery on black fabric and the start of a red sweater.

Anyhow, here’s some tiny embroideries to test that upload is working ok now. These are from another random chinese kit (multiple sellers have them on etsy and amazon).

Tiny floral embroidery on blue fabric with classic bird scissors for scale.

I made the blue one with slightly more complicated stitches than it called for. It’s nice to be at the point where I know enough stitches to change things up. I guess I should work on some of the bigger kits I have, but these were a nice break while my hands couldn’t take more knitting on the Mando gloves.

Mando gloves

The blog has had some server changes behind the scenes and it accidentally broke the way I usually post from my phone. But while I’m working that out, here’s a recently finished project:

John wearing the Mando Gloves

Pattern: Mando. by Natela Astakhova

Yarns: Studio Donegal Darnie from Black Sheep Fiber Emporium

The yarn is a real winner here because it’s so perfect for colourwork. Very forgiving, blocks like a dream, easy to felt in ends as needed since it’s non-superwash, and the colour palette was perfect for this project.

Palm side of the Mando gloves showing the non-repeating pattern.

This is not a pattern for the faint of heart: I found it easy to get caught up in the chart and miss the written directions (which are NOT “just follow the chart” but have increases/decreases/ribbing). And honestly, it’s just complicated non-repeating stranded colourwork. Plus I somehow managed to hurt my hands in the middle of knitting them and had to take a few days off to recover.

Back side of gloves, featuring a Mandolorian helmet and Baby Yoda

The results are cute, though! I did them to be larger, with no decreases and a larger (US 2) needle size so that they’d fit my husband. I rarely knit him anything but we actually made time to watch the Mandolorian together, one of few adult TV shows we’ve watched (though we also loved Carmen Sandiego, which is suitable for watching with our 3 year old although he’s not as excited about it as we are.) I managed to finish them the week we had snow, so at least they got a day or two of use before going away as spring starts here!