About Curiousity.ca

I bought curiousity.ca on a whim because I was so amused that someone owned the usual spelling but not this, which is a logical Canadian spelling variant (although probably an incorrect one). As a Canadian living abroad, I’d always wanted a reason to own a .ca domain, and a silly reason is still a reason!

The now dubiously-proud owner of a mis-spelled domain, I figured I should do something with it, and the logical choice was to use it to record my own curious nature. I’d been meaning to start a maker blog especially since I spent so much time at the Albuquerque local hackerspace, quelab, so this will start with documentation of my many personal projects. Hopefully once I get into a rhythm of actually processing the photos I take of the physical things I make, I’ll start to branch the blog out to my other experiments in science, and we’ll see where we go from there!

About Dr Terri

I do indeed have a doctorate and enjoy using my title for comedic “mad science” effect (as well as for doing actual science).

I am a Canadian currently working in the Portland, Oregon area, where I break things and tell people they’re wrong for a living. Err, I mean, I’m a security researcher who gets to improve open source software and web standards. One of my friend decided to introduce me as “This is my friend Terri; she’s in charge of security for the internet.” which had me stammering for a second but aside from the “in charge” part, it’s actually true. I’m putting that degree in web security to work!

Before that, I was in Albuquerque, NM on Skynet, only hopefully without the homicidal parts. Seriously, I was on a project developing adaptive software systems that use genetic programming to do automated repair, evolving bug fixes and new features. Curious? Read more about automated repair using genprog here, and you can even get the source code and try fixing bugs yourself if you want.

Thus far no robots from the future have tried to kill me, so I figure I haven’t done anything too dangerous. But there’s still time!

Short Bio & Photos for Re-use

Terri standing on one leg with arms outstretched, showing off a newly sewn skirt.

Terri has a PhD in horribleness, assuming we can all agree that web security is kind of horrible.   She specializes in saying “no” and explaining things in varied roles as an open source security professional, a parent, and the volunteer coordinator of a summer mentoring program for Python.

Terri profile photo.  Terri is a mixed race Japanese-Canadian woman with shoulder length dark brown hair that has been streaked with some pink and blue.

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Standard Legal Disclaimer

This blog (and indeed, all my online presence) represents my personal opinions and thoughts and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer.