Flax necklace

I made this necklace for my sister’s birthday. It was a bit of an in-joke present: We play Guild Wars 2 together, and last year she decided to get us all to do a challenge really intended for a much larger group. Long story short: she spent months gathering in-game flax, with the rest of us helping when we could, and we spent many hours chatting while gathering flax.

To commemorate this, I made her two things from real-life flax. This necklace was the first and the easier one, since I didn’t make up the pattern.

Pattern: Mother’s Day 2016 Necklace
Yarn: some round flax-cotton blend. (I’d have to look it up, and blogging time is at a premium.)

I did add some beads, but otherwise it’s as written. A nice pattern!

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