Rainbow Heart Mitts (Glitz Mitts)

I live in a part of the Pacific Northwest that doesn’t get *that* cold, so I mostly get by with fingerless gloves. But then I got a dog and when I’m doing the last dog walk of the night it can be a bit nippy, so I switch to full mitts, the same ones I wear I go home to Canada in winter.

This should have worked perfectly except…

  • The warmer mitts don’t fit in my pocket, so I forgot them a lot on night walks.
  • Even when I remembered them, I wound up taking them off repeatedly so I could use my phone while Hatch checked his pee-mail.
a nearly complete mitt with a dog chomping a muppet-like toy on the background.

So I made new mitts! The pattern is the Glitz Mitts from Knit Happy with Self Striping Yarn. I liked the fact that they’re knit with two different weights of yarn, and I made one of them alpaca for extra warmth. But then instead of closing the thumbs up I put in a few rounds of ribbing and left them open.

Two colourwork hand knitted mitts featuring rainbow hearts and open thumbs.

Turns out you only really need your thumb to play Pikmin while walking the dog, so they’re perfect! ❤️

Happy hands, happy dog. Hatch is sitting on my chair with the finished mitts on his back.

One thought on “Rainbow Heart Mitts (Glitz Mitts)

  1. That is such a great idea. I’m tired of yanking my gloves off to check my phone or watch. And gloves aren’t keeping my fingers warm enough, anyway! But by the time I knit some mittens, it’s not going to be cold, so I’ll shelve this idea for a little bit and revisit come fall!

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